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Today, Friday March 13th, I had the privilege of interviewing Gemma Hatter Newey, owner of Dark Phreak Arts. Dark Phreak Arts, based in the UK, designs covers, book trailers, and more, with some amazing prices and talent!

Their site is:

You can check out the interview here: Dark Phreak Arts Interview

Check out her Portfolio here:

Dark Phreak Arts

 Editors Directory:

(Disclaimer: Some of these sources I have used before and some I haven’t. If you have used any of the sources listed or decide to use them in the future, I would love it if you could leave your own review and share your experience.)

Memre Reviews and Edits –

Pros: They are a ONE STOP SHOP!!! They do it all: Editing, Reviewing, Blog Tours, Designs, Promotions, and Beta Reading. I have had the pleasure of working with Memre and love her work! I would check her out for yourself. They have worked with several authors already and they accept Google Pay or Paypal.

Sylvia’s Reading Corner

Pros: They offer Beta Reading and other Editing Services.

Jan Carol-

Pros: She has a flat rate, so you don’t necessarily need to worry about that word count. Her editing style is a bit different. She provides a list of edits on a totally different file and also gives great feedback as she’s editing. She may have some genres she’s not a fan of, but I would contact her for prices and more information.

Indie Ink Editing-

Another One Stop Shop!!!

I have had the privilege of working with this editor/author. Rest assured she is familiar with the UK English and American English. Not only does she edit, but she will post a review of your work afterwards if she can give it three stars or more. Her reviews are always honest, and she does not charge for reviews. She’s an indie author, a reviewer, and offers promotional packages as well.

Illustrators/ Cover Designers:

Looking for someone to illustrate your novel, or just design your next book cover? Check out these amazing resources below…

DarkPhreak Arts

Cover Designer-

Pros- Fast turnaround time. She listens to the author and gives them what they want. She doesn’t finish until the author is satisfied. Very pleasant to work with and prices are fair. I would advise checking out her portfolio.

Andy Butnariu


I have never used him before, but I thought he would be great to add in case anyone is looking for an illustrator. If you decide to use him, I would love to hear from you about your experience.

Wicked Book Covers


They seem to do it all, I had the pleasure of working with them on some premade covers they had. If you’re looking for Chapter headings and adding that little pizazz to your book, I think they can do that as well. They also have editing services.

Rocking Book Covers

They seem to be great for Thriller, Mystery, Horror Writers. I purchased a premade (have yet to finish writing the book) but loved their service.


If you’re a young adult author or romance author, (or not) I think this designer would be perfect for you. She has an eye for detail when it comes to those things. Not only is she a designer but a published author as well. So she knows what all entails getting that book published in ebook or paperback form.

Writing Resources:

Authors Publish-

If you are not subscribed to them and are interested in being traditionally published, they are a great resource. Not only do they send out monthly newsletters informing which publishers are open to submissions, they also post success stories of self-published authors. They truly are dedicated to helping writers achieve their goal of being published. They do not send you excessive, useless, lengthy emails. Also, they provide resource ebooks and … It’s free to sign up.

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