The Lockdown by Dixon Block

The Lockdown Book Cover The Lockdown
Dixon Block
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After the Nuclear War of the 21st Century, problems that have existed for decades, sometimes centuries, are focused on like never before. A giant leap in Genetic Sciences coupled with an overwhelming desire to aid the environments that children are raised in, result in the government's attempt to create a perfect society. This means that genetic dispositions to diseases or unwanted behaviours are to be stamped out by sterilizing 'unclean' children and parenting licenses are given only to potential parents who meet the strict required guidelines. At first the quality of life seems to get better for all. Children's genes are determined to be 'cleaner' and less children are raised in poor homes. Over time though the effects are not as desirable, as the program lacks the funding to succeed in its longterm goal and begins to turn a dangerous new leaf.Lily is a child who has grown up in the Lockdown, a highly secure wing of the city's orphanage, and she knows what most people outside of the building do not. The government is not only separating the newborn children based on the quality of their genetic makeup, but the 'clean' teenagers are forced to reproduce in order to create the perfect human race. Lily is disgusted by this practice, known as 'Positive Procreation', and she longs for freedom from the oppressive plans of the officials. But what chance does she have against a blind society that allows such a disgraceful common practice?

In a struggle to balance nature and nurture to improve the quality of the human race, the government decided to control families by granting parenting licenses to couples who want children. Now, all newborns are sterilized at birth to prevent the carrying of damaged genes. Only children found to be ‘genetically clean’ are left able to reproduce, done under the supervision of the governing officials. Lily is one of these ‘clean’ children and the fate of the human race is partially up to her, however Lily dreads what the government has in store for her. Angry at the entire oppressive system, Lily runs away to embark on a journey that may give her the freedom that she has always wished she had, though at the cost of leaving everything she knows behind.

The first part of The Next Generation, a dystopian series by Dixon Block. WARNING: This book may be considered controversial by some.

The Lockdown by Dixon Block

Review: Block does an excellent job of creating characters that are real. I enjoyed reading Lily’s story and hope to read more of this series. I want to know what was the connection between the woman at the beginning and what is in store for Lily and the baby.

With that being said,I wasn’t a fan of the the book cover and probably wouldn’t have picked up the book because of it. But after reading the entire novella, I totally get it and had I judged this book by the cover, it would have been my loss.

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