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With my own book: Wings of Beasts Participating in Kindle Scout, I have tried to watch the program closely. I have also voted for other books which I am very excited to get a free copy of (Yay! One of the Books I voted for made the cut!) What We Left Behind by Peter Cawdron. I enjoyed reading the short excerpt and can’t wait to read it completely and leave a review. I love a great Zombie novel that is more than just blood and gore but also has a story to tell and characters you can fall in love with and root for along the way.

Anyhow, I have been keeping an eye on the books that were selected and those that were not. Basically, you get an email letting you know if the book/s you voted for were selected or not. Not sure how I like that since if I’m scrounging for people to vote for my book they get an email informing them mine didn’t make the cut:(

But on the upside, KS informs you if the book you voted for made it or not so you are not waiting for your free copy and never get it.

Well, anyway… The first titles selected are now available for sale on Amazon as of today. The downside to this is, going by the date they were selected, which was November 26, that means it takes about three months for your title to be published.

That ninety day time slot is actually faster than most traditional publishers as some traditional authors say it can take six months to a year. But if you have self-published before, which I’m certain most have, it’s ninety days slower.

I still think the backing of Amazon has its perks. And yes, if selected, you are exclusive to Amazon.

I also noticed that some of the books I voted for do not automatically send me an email stating whether or not they were selected for publication when their time is up but end up “in review.” So I will keep an eye on how long their review seems to last.

These are only my personal observations. I would love to hear your opinions and views on the subject. And while you are at it, Feel free to check out my book Wings of Beasts on Kindle Scout!

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