The Wind That Ruffled the Field by Jer’Ell Hartsig

The Wind that Ruffled the Field Book Cover The Wind that Ruffled the Field
Jer'Ell Hartsig
Kindle Edition

Misunderstood most of her life, JerEll will personally take you through her sexual identity crisis as she lived it; each heart wrenching moment comes to life in this stunning autobiography. The confusion as to who she was had plagued her since her early childhood as she struggled with a body that did not match her mind. This book will show you how difficult life can become in the desperate search for the answers.

This is a lovely story about growing up transgender and the mental and emotional toll it takes on the person. I feel like this is a great insight to open the minds of those that still believe it is a choice. It plays on the heartstrings, leaving the reader to wish there was more education on such things. The author did a great job of telling her story the way it needed to be told. Hartsig also shares with the reader her experience with Hollywood.

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