LEGS! by Kayla Jones

LEGS! Book Cover LEGS!
Justice Werespider
Kayla Jones
Short Story Mystery
Kindle Edition

By day, Sandra is a desperate college student on the brink of expulsion for her failing grades. By night, she's a giant eight-legged vigilante hell-bent on justice. When her boyfriend, a cop-in-training, turns up dead in her closet, Sandra investigates. . .only to find that all of the evidence points to her. She's been framed, and now she must find the real killers. . .or face life in prison.

It was a nice short mystery read. I struggled with connecting with the main character, Sandra, and wanted to know more about how she became the way she did. I know she was bitten but felt like their were parts missing throughout the story to keep me on the edge of my seat. The title and cover seemed like their should have been more action. Overall, it was a nice quick read.

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