The Tanneford Three

The Tanneford Three Book Cover The Tanneford Three
Ted Elston
Coming of Age Fiction
Kindle Edition

A terrible tragedy makes orphans of three young boys, unfortunately for them the police have left them to the Tanneford Institute, an insane asylum/orphanage ran by a sadistic doctor and staffed by nuns. We follow them through their trials and tribulations, the highs and lows of life in Tanneford and watch their bond flourish despite their harsh surroundings, always finding some way to keep the hope of seeing the outside world again.

The Tanneford Three by Ted Elston

Great job by Elston! This book took me on an emotional rollercoaster. Truly a suspenseful, thrilling story. I found myself needing to know what happened to the boys in this home and even chuckled on some of the humorous parts. Either way, this is not for the faint of heart but definitely a touching story of survival, hope, and loyalty.

**At first I rated it four stars. But I had to go back and rate it five for the simple fact that I really enjoyed it. It had a few editing errors, but I’ll take a great story over perfect editing any day!

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