The Hyperverse Accord

The Hypervers Accord Book Cover The Hypervers Accord
Scott Kaelen
Science Fiction

The Forever Stranger, born a seemingly normal human baby named Caiaphas Dace, is an entity whose continued existence defies the very laws of space-time.
The short story The Hyperverse Accord documents a meeting at the end of the universe, between Dace – the Forever Stranger – now evolved to a non-corporeal existence, and a mysterious entity calling itself the Observer.
The last two beings in the cosmos need to come up with a plan, because Dace, despite having lived and died countless times over the millennia, definitely does not want this death to be his last, just because the entire universe is coming to an end.

I actually really enjoyed this. Even though it seems to be a conversation between two beings, I considered it to be an insightful read with a higher meaning.

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