The Union by Darnell “Saki” Dickerson

The Union Book Cover The Union
Darnell "Saki" Dickerson

Okay. I'm not so sure how I feel about the book. All I can say is, more please. I knew this was a short story. So I knew what I was getting myself into before I downloaded. But I have to know what happens to them. Please let me know when the next book is out!
The concept is intriguing and the author gives us just enough to want more. Well done, Dickerson. Well done.

The Union. A highly controversial new procedure that bonds two people into one body. When a couple makes the Union no thoughts are kept secret, every moment is shared, intimacy reaches a level never before imagined, and the couples’ lifespan is effectively doubled. For some it’s the ultimate “I do”, the highest affirmation of love. To others it’s unnatural, abominable and an affront to the institution of marriage. But, no matter how you feel about the ethics, once the Union is made it’s irreversible.Frank is content living with his fiancé with no set date, but plans to get married and start a family one day, the traditional way. However, as Rose grows more interested in the benefits the Union can offer the couple must make a tough decision.
The stakes are high in this Sci-fi Thriller where “till death do us part” takes on a whole new meaning.

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